ABOUT Chisholm's Retreat

Chisholm's Retreat is a family business that we dreamed to achieve one day. After our years of working hard in England. We (My wife and I) started this business to help our native country and to help others in providing a home away from home.


Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places you will see in your life. The island’s multitude of activities and sightseeing events will make your vacation ideal. We have seen many return groups, couples, and families who truly enjoy their time with us, making long-lasting memories along the way.


Relaxing days and nights await you at Chisholms Retreat Jamaica. We invite you to experience our friendly atmosphere, with helpful hosts and natural beauty. The guesthouse offers beautifully tended lawns with trimmings and bougainvillea. Come, relax and enjoy a fully licensed guesthouse, and a very highly recommended vacation destination.


Chisholms Retreat Jamaica is only 5 minutes from Santa Cruz town centre.


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